Moore 4100 Pressure Sealer

Get a great deal with this Moore Pressure Sealer presented by Bevis Equipement Sales & Service.

  • Machine type: Low volume pressure sealer
  • Speed: Variable, up to 6,000 documents per hour
  •  Volume to a maximum of: 7,000 documents per day, 21,000 documents per week, 1 million documents per year
  •  LED Digital Display
  • Touch Panel Controls
  • All Metal Construction
  • Emergency E-Stop Button
  • Universal Power Cord
  • Storage Cabinet with Rollers
  • Dimensions: 50″ x 49″ x 19″

moore4100 PS

When tested, the machine powered on and the gears/rollers operated with no detectable problem. It is in good condition. No other parts/accessories are included. Estimated weight approx: 120 LBS

Your delivery options are:

1.      The item may be picked up in person at our Orange City, FL Location.


2.      The item may be sent via common carrier from our Orlando, FL  Metropolitan location. Freight costs can start at $150.00.

Call us at 321-323-9586 for more information about the Moore 4100 Pressure Sealer.

We currently have THREE machines available.

Don Norris or Ken Bevis